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We customized our chuppah structure to fit the stage that the Westin provides for the outside terrace at the Westin Grand this past weekend.  The structure was loosely based on a photo that the bride brought in from a magazine.  She wanted a natural outdoorsy look and she got it. Here is a photo from […]

There has been a wave of fresh new wedding gown designers across the country.  Now we have a local one that we can brag about! Love their website and love their style.  Check it out!  Punk Rock Bride! Support local designers!

When choosing wines for your wedding, consider looking into local wineries!  What a great way to spend time with your fiance!  Check out local wineries and then pick the ones you love for your wedding day. Serving local wines supports your local community and economy.  Not to mention that you are creating a smaller footprint […]

One of the recurring complaints brides tend to face when planning an eco-friendly wedding is finding eco-friendly solutions for what they are wearing. First and foremost, please know that this is the LEAST of your worries.  Your biggest footprint of the wedding day is your transportation (getting all your guests to your wedding from around […]

I love Elizabeth Ann Design’s Blog!  Such an enormous amount of information on it!!!! Check it out! They have us on one of their love links for event planning!  Thanks ladies!