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Take a cue from Christina Hendrick’s wedding.  Yes it has been a while since she got married – but the flavor of it is still delicious!  Stop getting those matching bridesmaids dresses!!!  At least let them pick a different style within a color scheme to make sure they are comfortable that day!  They want to […]

  Until now, there has not been a comprehensive book on how to be the best groom!  It’s your wedding too right?  We have seen a lot of wedding books and this is the absolute best guide for any groom diving into wedding planning! I had a chance to read through the book and some […]


We don’t do a ton of daily deliveries – but this is one we did recently that I love!  Purple hydrangea, garden roses, lilac, snapdragons and sweet peas!!! We also have done a few samples as well – here are a couple: Both are samples from a wedding we are doing in March!  4 other […]

Go all out when it come to your escort card table style!  It is normally one the “centerpiece” of the entire cocktail hour.  If you have one nice and large arrangement – you can do just candles or very simple arrangements on the cocktail tables.  Above is an example of what we did at the […]

Green and orange wedding style is timeless, whimsical and fun!!!  This is one of my favorite bouquets from a shoot we did years ago! Photo by Documentary Associates