Eco-friendly Weddings

We pride ourselves on having an easy and innovative approach to providing wedding design to couples around the DC area! We are constantly creating…so stand by each week for something new! This is from a wedding we did this year on father’s day where every father at the wedding got a boutonniere!  This was at […]


Today we are focusing on Escort card design and idea!  Above is a pretty display with people found out where they were sitting via a board with their names and then it was pretty east for them to just sign their name on the bride and groom’s cute tree display!  Of course having florals to […]

Siri + Shawn had a wonderful Indian – American wedding weekend in DC! Friday started with their Hindu ceremony followed by a rehearsal for the Western ceremony at the Meridian House!  Then the big wedding day which was chock full of loveliness!  We loved helping them plan their day and designing all of their decor, […]

I am so excited to announce the 2014 issue of Eco-Beautiful Weddings Magazine!  We have been planning for this issue for a while and I hope to finally focus on my Eco-Beautiful Weddings Book for the next year and then we will be back with more issues after that!  In the meantime the Eco-Beautiful Weddings […]

One thing all of our clients are typically looking for —-> Something different and something that is timeless and has staying power.  That is what we do when planning hundreds of events every year. From small cocktail parties and birthdays to galas and weddings. The details are what will set your wedding apart from any other. Wanting […]