Spring is one of the easiest times of years to find an abundance of bulb flowers for your wedding. Our favorites to use in March are tulips and anemones! For April, we love spring hydrangea from Holland and ranunculus – they are the most vibrant this time of year!


DC-Wedding-Florist-DC-Wedding-Planner- Spring-Flowers-Floral-Design If you are procrastinating and don’t have your floral designs together for March or April, we still have room!


Your wedding is all about a party to reflect you as a couple, so don’t just put some candles out and some petals to save money.  There are so many ways to make simple elements, like candles, interesting and fun. Do you use candles and petals in your home?  For a fall wedding, what about mixing candles with apples?  Can you use candles and rubber duckies for your tables an inside joke for your guests to figure out? (We borrowed that one from one of our real couples!) Don’t hesitate to shake things up and put your own fresh spin on old wedding classics.

Don’t just opt for table numbers on an ugly metal stand.  You can name your tables or number them with something like these wood number carvings.

Think outside of the box when it comes to your table decor!

Image: Jessica Latos


When renting venues for your wedding, there will be some weird spaces and nooks that you’ll want to pretty up and aren’t quite sure how. Particularly in historic locations, your guests will have access to areas such as libraries, living rooms and bathrooms, and while the decor or furniture may not be your style, you still want to add a little something special to them since they are part of your wedding’s overall design.

The answer is simple- throw some flowers at it and brighten the space up with some simple floral decor.  A recycled medicine bottle and a few flowers can make a dated bathroom fun and it’s these little details that make guests remember how interesting your wedding was!

Photo: Jessica Latos


Once you have all of your big vendors is place, it’s time to get down to the details!  Don’t get derailed by wedding planning sites that just sell a bunch of things. Everything in your wedding, from the favors to the food, should reflect your personality and things that you really love.  So here are a few questions to ask yourself when choosing your wedding day details:

  1. Will I be able to use this again? Don’t be tempted to just buy stuff for your wedding to cross tasks off of your I-Do list.  Instead, purchase decor that can be reused again as memories in your home.
  2. Do I really need favors? Don’t just buy favors that are easy (like those Jordan almonds).  Favors aren’t a must, so if you decide to have them, make sure your favors reflect the two of you as a couple and represent something that you love.  Get creative and think about your favorite goodies, family recipes and local fare.  For example, many weddings in this area have a ton of out-of-town guests, so why not send them home with a small tin of Old Bay spice? It’s local, it’s cool and it’s something they may actually cook with, too.
  3. What will my guests remember most?  Details should make your wedding one that you and your guests will never forget. So spend time selecting elements that are special and unique. If it means something to you, then it speaks to your love and that means it will always mean something to the people who come to share your day.

Stay tuned all week for more on wedding details!

Image: Jessica Latos 


When it comes to creating a little personality to your wedding, it’s always about the details!  Next week, we’ll share a new blog series about some of the secrets behind wedding details and how to make them shine above the rest at your wedding!

Hint: it’s about using your life as a resource for creative inspiration.  Love copper?  Then let your designer spray paint cool decor items for your wedding in cooper, like these fun vases and table numbers.

Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary!

Image: Jessica Latos