A little instagram love for ya today on the blog!  Yes – all of the photos this week were taken from my iPhone!  Just so much easier!  Then once I get the spectacular photos back from Documentary Associates – I can do a real post!  But this is a fun look at the reception at the […]

We have a beautiful summer farm wedding coming up this weekend – I can’t wait to showcase it for you.  We are not having a lemonade stand but more of a fruit infused water station.  But I love lemonade stations year round.  Even if you are not having a summer farm wedding…you can create the […]

Continuing our Earth Day week on how to keep your wedding eco-friendly – we move on to the next part of your planning process – THE CATERER!  Why is this so important?  You will spend approximately 50-60% of your wedding budget on food + rentals – so you want to make sure you are putting […]

Ahh the tweets we have seen about the marvels of “Honeysuckle” and how “Beeswax” is going to take the world by storm.  By now, many of you have flipped through the Spring 2011 Pantone PDF of the glorious Spring 2011 color outlook (if not – click above to see all the yumminess). Ok – now […]

Growing up my favorite color combination was purples with soft pink tones, so you can imagine my delight when Dennis and Danbee sent me their color palette all the way from South Korea! The soft and delicate tones of lavender and grey with a touch of pink pizazz was perfect for their fall nuptials at Dahlgren […]