Today we are focusing on Escort card design and idea!  Above is a pretty display with people found out where they were sitting via a board with their names and then it was pretty east for them to just sign their name on the bride and groom’s cute tree display!  Of course having florals to […]

Siri + Shawn had a wonderful Indian – American wedding weekend in DC! Friday started with their Hindu ceremony followed by a rehearsal for the Western ceremony at the Meridian House!  Then the big wedding day which was chock full of loveliness!  We loved helping them plan their day and designing all of their decor, […]

Everything we do in-house is all about being sustainable.  From composting, separating our paper and plastic and metal recyclables to donating leftover flowers to nursing homes. We have access to the top event professionals that provide sustainable products and services to provide exceptional quality and gorgeous style for your big event. Make an appointment today! […]

  We love doing designs for simple events and last minute orders!  We get them often and here a few we have done lately for a few corporate and non-profit clients! From simple to fun and interesting…we do it all!

We have been having a lot of requests for purple and lavenders and magenta tone requests lately – not just Pantone colors – but effortless gorgeous classic colors that never get old!  Here are a few of our fave and new ones mixed in!  Above is a fall design we did in our garden boxes. […]