Not every event and wedding calls for only flowers for your decor! Think outside the box.  What do you love to eat? What is your favorite decor element in your house? Use what is closest to your heart and share more of your personality in your decor!

Nothing is going to be as popular as Greenery this year for weddings!  First, it is the color of the year from Pantone!  Second, it could not be easier to work into any wedding color scheme. Greenery is a natural addition to any floral design.  We love using greenery in bouquets, boutonnières, centerpieces and decorative […]

New Year, new thoughts on your wedding maybe?  How about doing something different from everyone else?  Does your wedding have to be at a “wedding venue”?  Why not your favorite restaurant or bar?  A fun pastry shop?  Furniture store?  Go with a side of eclectic and fun with your flowers too!

While you are planning your wedding today (Friday)…try to stop pinning, obsessing and pining over things for your wedding.  Always remember that your wedding day is typically about 8 hours of your life.  Your wedding should be all about the love you share for one another.  So take a weekend off from wedding planning and […]

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I love it when my clients come in and they are bursting with love.  Clients like that are the reason why I love what I do. Weddings should be all about love. Yes, wedding planning can get hectic, but don’t let it get it in the way of love. I want to throw around a […]

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