Don’t just send chocolate, donuts or standard candy as a thank you gift to your clients in the DC area anymore!  We now offer corporate gifting programs so we can hand deliver custom, desktop mini gardens to your clients that remind them of you every day! Our mini gardens come in various, unique vessels, are easy […]

nothing says a breath of fresh air like the color mint.  this romantic and soft shade of blue/turquoise always seems to make me smile. while many pastel colors come off as super duper feminine, mint seems to skirt that issue, paving its own path that is easy, breezy and surprisingly versatile. peach, gold, orange, you name […]

Trick or Treat? Changes in the season can play nasty “tricks” on your skin. “Treat” yourself to a facial that is natural and great for your skin. Refresh yourself at the spa at MINT in Adams Morgan, Washington, DC. I just had the Seasonal Facial last week and it was wonderful. What a treat! Shirin […]