SPANX! That has become the generic, popular name for Shapewear.  And, I do mean to start that word with a capitol S!   It’s kinda like what Kleenex is to tissue – there are other brands out there but everyone uses that term now.

OK – OK – they are not anything like the girdles some of us had to wear way back when. (Yes, it’s true – flight attendants did have fanny checks to make sure they had their girdle on!)  These new ‘helpers’ are really somewhat comfortable.  Many society mavens and regular (you and me) people now swear by Spanx, the moderately priced innovation of Sara Blakely, who has been widely credited with reintroducing girdling to the masses, thanks to comfortable fabrics; cheeky packaging; 100 different styles that reach as far up as the shoulder and as low as the ankle and eliminating the flabby overflow known as “muffin top”; back bulge, pear thighs, flat butt, and on and on.  There are plenty of celebrity endorsements, too! Oprah was an early convert (“Spanx really changed the way I wore clothes. … I’ve given up panties,” she once told her audience) and Gwyneth Paltrow owned up to wearing two pairs at a time after giving birth.  One of the funniest bits of comedy I’ve ever seen was in Wanda Sykes’ HBO special “I’ma be Me” where she discusses her love/hate relationship with Spanx

Spanx for the Memory!

Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah Winfrey, Jessica Alba all swear by high-tech power panties.  By Drew Friedman (As seen in the New York Observer)

Mom, mothers, and grandmothers – we all want to look our best during all the festivities and these wonderful things can help you do just that. The right fit can take up to 10 lbs off that body of yours and even if you are pretty trim, check your look from the back full length in the mirror…see anything that surprises you…dismays you?  Time for the Spanx!

Other brands?  AnnetteSassybax (cute name), Miraclesuit (don’t we all need one?), Yummie Tummie…(way too cute), ASSETS by Sara Blakely (for you flat bottomed friends), and plain ole Wacoal.

Do you have back fat?

Try this one: Annette Diva Divined shaping slip

Or belly fat?

Give this type a chance: Miraclesuit.  They offer several styles – one of which is: Extra-Firm Control Strapless Body Briefer  (but straps do come with it  – AND it come in sizes from 34B to 42 DD

There is now even a line of Haute Couture Spanx at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom’s.

It is suggested that those who find the neo-girdles uncomfortable are probably just wearing too small a size. “You don’t want to smash your butt; you just want to organize things.”

A woman stands up a little straighter when one wears shapewear. For instance, Assets by Sara Blakely could give you Mannequin Rear End. It won’t billow like it’s full of water. It just won’t move.

Forget the scenes from St. Elmo’s Fire and Bridget Jones’s Diary, of plump heroines being seduced and then summarily mocked by men who encounter their BIG Girl panties?  MOBs – you are dressing for the beginning, middle and end of the day/evening…not the ‘afterwards’.  Your spouse/significant other will just be pleased you looked so nice.  Don’t have one of those??  Who cares…you’ll be pleased for yourself, girl!

~Claudia Van Veen