Ronald Reagan Building Wedding - Documentary Associates Photography

This week we have been focusing on all things lovely at the office as we plan a few updates to our website…

We want your wedding, your way!  That is what we do.  Period…

Here are a few photos we have loved over the past few years that just remind us of how lovely our events, photo shoots and clients are…

Eco-Beautiful Weddings Magazinepurple-orchid-bridal-bouquet-bride-rust-manorJulia and Taylor's Wedding at the Netherland's CarillonRonald Reagan BuildingBrookside Gardens BridesmaidsMorais VineyardsSilver Spring Civic Center Wedding PartyRiggs Alumni Center wedding with chuppah

Can you tell we love what we do?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Photo credits

Documentary Associates

The Observatory for Eco-Beautiful Weddings

Kathy Blanchard

Documentary Associates x 2 photos

Elegance & Simplicity, Inc.

Elisa Bricker

Ken Luallen

Procopio Photography

DC wedding ideas

We pride ourselves on having an easy and innovative approach to providing wedding design to couples around the DC area!

We are constantly creating…so stand by each week for something new!

This is from a wedding we did this year on father’s day where every father at the wedding got a boutonniere!  This was at the request of the bride!

What can we design for you?



S'mores DIY style

S’mores are something that will never get old.  People love cookies, they love chocolate and marshmallows!

We had a wedding recently that we created a S’mores bar for it – details to come on that. However, we know that some people would be too busy dancing and would want to take some s’more home!

Instead of using a bunch of plastic bags – we went a more eco-friendly way.  Using craft bags is the way to and frankly much easier to work with for a DIY project.  Place two regular size marshmallows inside a smaller craft make and tape it off so it is sealed.  For your wedding – pick up some cute paper tape that come in all colors at any office supply store or wherever school supplies are sold.  This way all of it can be recycled afterwards.

Then place one whole graham cracker, one bar of chocolate (whichever brand you like – we like a different one – but Hershey’s is a fan fave) along with the bag of marshmallows inside the bigger craft bag.  Fold the bag over at the top, make two holes with a hold puncher and stick a bamboo skewer in to hold it all together for a takeaway s’mores pack!

We finished ours off with a cute label!

S'more wedding style

Have a great weekend packed with DIY fun!

Corporate floral designs

With over 4 events this week alone in the private corporate sector in the DC area, we definitely know the styles and trends in floral designs for this area for your event!  Let us know about your upcoming event and for the holidays as well!


DC Garden Box for your office, event or home

We had a bunch of small garden boxes going out the door this week!  Do you need a pick me up for your home, office or friend?  This is a super low maintenance small garden that anyone can maintain!  All of them are made with reclaimed wood!

Call us today at 301.656.5560 to get yours!