Christina Hendricks wedding

Take a cue from Christina Hendrick’s wedding.  Yes it has been a while since she got married – but the flavor of it is still delicious!  Stop getting those matching bridesmaids dresses!!!  At least let them pick a different style within a color scheme to make sure they are comfortable that day!  They want to look beautiful too and they should!  We had similar weddings over the past couple of years that stand out that followed this non-traditional (and wayyyyy better) style for their bridesmaids!

Bohemian Style Wedding

Morgan’s wedding at the Sewall-Belmont House could not have been cuter!  I don’t think she had Christina H in mind when she did this…she literally wanted everyone to be comfortable and to look cute!  And that they did!  (I am in love with all of the dresses!)

Green Wedding Photographer Jennifer Hughes

Then here is a perfect example of how to keep  the same color dresses but let your bridesmaids pick whatever dress style within your color parameters they want that suits their body type!

Let us know what you are dressing your bridesmaids in!

Photo credits:

Once Wed

Liz Gorman

Jennifer Hughes