Pink Peony

Seriously – THE PEONY (to me) – is the most beautiful and utterly feminine flower on the face of the earth.  They smell wonderful, look gorgeous and come in an array of colors!  I am celebrating peonies today as I saw them at the distributor this week and we have a bunch of brides gearing up for their spring and summer weddings!  Keep in mind that sometimes we can get peonies in the winter,  but they are extraordinarily expensive.  They are already expensive in May and June.  They are worth every cent!  The above peonies I was able to get for an event in the fall – which is unheard of.  And yes – they were STUPID expensive…but again – worth every cent!

White Peonies and lavender bouquet

I am normally not a fan of an all white bouquet for a bride – but when it comes to peonies – I make an exception!  A classic and romantic look!

Red peony bridal bouquet

Rare and gorgeous – the red peony is just dazzling!  Perfect for a bridesmaid bouquet!

peach peony bridal bouquet

This gorgeous peach peony bouquet was from a beautiful wedding we did at the Decatur House last year!

Whichever way you go with peonies – you really can’t go wrong!

Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to make sure your order for Valentine’s Day by Monday!

(all photos were taken by me!)

Katie Martin